Grow your career with us

Grow your career with us

Do your best work

When you’re part of our T&G whānau, we’ll help you do your best work.

  • Invest in you

    We want you to have a bright future. To help you be your best, we provide incredible learning opportunities to keep developing and growing your skills, advancing your career and helping you reach your potential.

  • Great leadership

    Developing great leaders is something we’re passionate about. We encourage, enable and support everyone to lead, at every level, and this ensures we have incredible leaders to guide and support you.

  • Fresh produce, every day

    Nutritious food is something everyone needs, every day. We’re proud to be part of an essential business, growing, harvesting, distributing and selling fresh produce to people all around the world.

  • High-performance delivers

    Like you, we want to do interesting and great work, and we want to know it’s helping move us forward. That’s why we have a high-performance framework, focusing each of us on a few key deliverables, with clear performance expectations. This guides how we reward and recognise our people – based on high performance, achieving results and living our mindsets.

Live your best life

And the same goes for life. Join us, and we’ll help you live your best life.

  • Health, safety and wellbeing matters

    We want you to prioritise health, safety and wellbeing as much as we do. To help you do this, we provide training, awareness and support so everyone takes responsibility. Some of our initiatives include fatigue awareness training, a parental policy which supports all kinds of parents and families, and confidential counselling for you and everyone in your household.

  • Flexibility

    We believe that work has to work for you. Everyone’s life is different, and how, when and where you work makes a huge difference. We’ve created a culture which focuses on the outcomes you deliver, enabled by flexible hours, shifts and locations.

  • Be you

    Being yourself gives you the confidence to be bold, and it’s amazing what you can do when that happens. We welcome the whole you – your background, thoughts, experiences, differences and beliefs. Inclusion and diversity makes us who we are, and that’s a team we’re incredibly proud to be part of.

  • Give back

    We give back to our communities. They’ve shaped and supported us, and we’re helping shape and grow their future. We give you a day off a year to volunteer, and we’ll match your donations to our Fairgrow charity, so every dollar you donate makes $2 impact in providing fresh produce to New Zealanders in need.

We're global

With offices worldwide, and over 60 countries we supply with fresh fruit and vegetables, there are global employment opportunities out there waiting for you within T&G. Where in the world would you like to be?

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